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We are New Era


Founded in 1919 by Jack Watkins using his last severance pay packet, having survived through WW1, New Era provided oils & greases for light and heavy industries including, factories, garages and workshops.

During the 1960’s, we continued to supply oils and lubricants in East London, developing strong relationships with the Automotive industry. We soon became a key provider of cutting oils to metal component machine shops, who were prominent suppliers to the Ford Motor Company based in Dagenham, Essex.

Acquired by Victor Geggus in 1976 and joined by his son, Reg Geggus, our current CEO, and our Operations Director Stefan O’len, several years later they began to modernise and streamline the company’s product range.

In 2019, James Hunt, who has been with New Era for over 25 years, took over as our Managing Director to move New Era Fuels forward into the next 100 years.

Need an Emergency Delivery?


We offer a same-day emergency fuel and out-of-hours delivery service, for emergency situations, specific difficult sites or night operations. We aim to keep your business running 24/7 and will work with you to accommodate your fuelling needs. Speak to our Sales team for more information.