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Solvina Solmix – Exclusive handcleaner

Solvina Solmix is a sawdust-based hand washing paste with a deep washing effect, exclusive in the UK to New Era Fuels. It is traditionally made in the Czech Republic, by Zenit, a well-established company of over 60 years. A key feature of this product is that the abrasive it contains is sawdust, which is biodegradable and WILL NOT BLOCKS YOUR SINKS AND DRAINS. This is much more environmentally friendly than sand-based cleaners, which can cause blocked pipes and drains on your site.

All of Solvina Solmix’s ingredients are natural, and will cleanse the skin deep into the pores. The product is great for your hands, and will leave them feeling soft and smelling fantastic. The powerful scrubbing action of Solvina Solmix will mean that you use less product per application, as it has a stronger effect than regular handcleaner. Over time, this will save your business money, as you use less product to get the job done.

Fresh & Clean fragrance. Weight: 10kg

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