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Shell GTL

Gas to Liquid

Shell GTL (Gas-To-Liquid) Fuel is a cleaner diesel alternative fuel to conventional diesel that can be used in off road applications.

Clear, bright, and almost water-like in appearance, Shell GTL Fuel produces no characteristic ‘diesel’ odour due to a lack of sulphur and aromatics.

Shell GTL Fuel is part of the paraffinic family of fuels and complies with EN15940 standards. A synthetic fuel produced from natural gas using the Fischer-Tropsch process, its improved combustion properties help to reduce emissions of regulated pollutants and improve local air quality.

Shell GTL

Available In

200L Barrel
1000L IBC
The benefits of using SHELL GTL:
Biodegradable & non-toxic

Shell GTL Fuel is proven to be less harmful to the environment, with tests showing that it can be classified as ‘readily biodegradable’ and non-toxic.

Reduced noise pollution

Noise levels in some engines can be reduced by 1-4dB with Shell GTL Fuel’s more uniform combustion.

Store safer, for longer

With no bio content and a CFPP below -22°C, Shell GTL Fuel has a longer shelf life than conventional diesel.

Winter grade fuel, all year round

Excellent low temperature performance, with a low cloud point and improved cold start due to a high cetane number.

Shell GTL Fuel

One of the major benefits of using Shell GTL Fuel is the reduction in emissions of regulated pollutants:

Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

Particulate matter (PM)

Carbon monoxide (CO)

Hydrocarbons (HC)


NOx levels are reduced by up to 37%


Particulate, PM25 & PM10, are lowered by over 50%