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Green D+ HVO

Biodegradable, low emissions & odourless

Green D+ HVO (Enhanced Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), is a fossil-free, paraffinic fuel made from 100% renewable raw materials.

A more sustainable, high quality of diesel fuel, that is suitable for all diesel-powered vehicles and industrial powered generators. Produced from waste fats and vegetable oils, the fats are transformed into biofuel by hydrogenation.

Our alternative fuel, Green D+ HVO, is a cleaner fuel than diesel or FAME (fatty acid methyl ester – biodiesel); it complies with  EN15940 & ASTM D97 5. Unlike biodiesel it does not deteriorate over time and can be used in temperature extremes.

Available In

20L Box
200L Barrel
1000L IBC
The benefits of using green d+ hvo
Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable & Biodegradable

Made from sustainable and renewable raw materials, HVO reduces greenhouse emissions by as much as 90%.

Low Viscosity levels

Has excellent cold weather performance.

Great Alternative Solution

Compatible with all off-road diesel engines.

Long Storage Stability

Improved safety, stability and storage compared to regular diesel, therefore reducing the need for regular testing.

A Drop-in replacement for Red Diesel

Switch to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly fuel today
Lower NOx

NOx levels are reduced by up to 30%

Lower particulates

Particulate, PM25 & PM10, are lowered up to 86%

Lower CO2 Levels

HVO Green D+ generates 90% less greenhouse gases (CO2e) and emissions, reducing your carbon footprint significantly.