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New Era offers a reliable next day bulk Gas Oil delivery service, all year round. As mainly Gas Oil suppliers, we prioritise our commercial customers during the winter months, making sure they have a constant supply of fuel, therefore keeping their downtime to a minimum.


New Era offers a same-day emergency fuel and out-of-hours delivery service, for emergency situations, specific difficult sites or night operations. We aim to keep your business running 24/7 and will work with you to accommodate your fuelling needs.


New Era aims to help every business keep running, all year round. But not every business has large, easy-to-access fuel storage. In response, we invested in custom-built 1000L 4×4 micro-tankers, that can access the most challenging delivery locations.



We can supply gas oil and kerosene in bulk quantities, using our extensive fleet of road tankers. We offer a standard next-day delivery service across the UK, working alongside our network of strategic partners up and down the country.

New Era maintains the highest level of excellence in our delivery fleet and the technology it uses; to ensure we can provide the best possible service. As a recognized FORS Gold fleet operator, we take our responsibilities for safety and environmentally-friendly operation of our vehicles very seriously.


We can supply gas oil in smaller quantities, such as 200-litre metal drums. These products are the ideal solution for consumers who need an on-site fuel supply but have limited space for their fuel storage.

We also supply gas oil in 20-litre plastic containers (Minimum of one pallet – 32x 20-litre), which are a brilliant solution for plant hire companies and their customers. For the customers, this saves time on refueling, while for the plant hire company, they benefit from having high-quality fuel used only. We can offer your own company branded labels for these containers.

Gas Oil Drums