New Era was founded in 1919, by Jack Watkins using his last severance pay packet, having survived though WW1. Established in Stratford, East London, New Era provided oils and greases for light and heavy industries, including factories, garages and workshops.



New Era continued to supply oils and lubricants in East London, developing strong relationships with the Automotive industry. New Era became a key provider of cutting oils to metal component machine shops, who were prominent suppliers to the Ford Motor Company based in Dagenham, Essex.



The business is acquired by Victor Geggus in 1976. His son and current managing director, Reg Geggus joined the family firm several years later, and alongside technical director Stefan O’Len they modernise and streamline the company’s product range.

Continuing to expand the product range, the company promotes Multigrade engine oils, which replaced traditional Mono Grade engine oils that needed different viscosity grades for winter and summer months. By encouraging local garages & commercial workshops to trial this new technology, New Era helped businesses reduce their stocks.



New Era continued to help motor discount stores stock motor oils for consumers to purchase for home servicing of their cars. A key development of this decade was the introduction of plastic containers for oils including 5L and 20L containers. Unlike the previous metal tins, plastic containers could not dent or rust. Utilising the latest technology, New Era uses a pneumatic air filling machine to fill the plastic containers, and begins to offer customers their own “white labels”. New Era also began to use computers for invoicing and accounting.



New Era continued to develop their product ranges and increase fuel supply from their Stratford depot. The company begins to export lubricants to the Russian Federation, with a number of stockists across the country.



To satisfy the growing demand from the construction industry, New Era introduced a new Premium delivery service, supplying bulk and emergency gas oil for on-site plant & machinery, including generators, bowsers and mini diggers specialising in timed deliveries for difficult site access such as “The Shard”. New Era launched their first website and built up a strong online presence in the fuel supply industry.



New Era expanded their fleet to fill the growing demand for bulk gas oil to construction and demolition sites. They also began to partner with other fuel suppliers across the country to offer a nationwide delivery service.



New Era continued to expand the fuel supply business, purchasing their first 26-tonne tanker to increase delivery capacity.



In this year, new head offices were opened in Harlow, Essex. The company increased staff members and developed a dedicated key account telesales support team. New Era commissioned their first brand new 26-tonne tanker, which was built by Tasca Tankers.

The introduction of Touchstar systems allows customers to track the progress of their delivery vehicle and receive electronic proof of delivery notes (P.O.Ds), sent instantly via email. This technology helps ensure the best possible delivery service is provided.



A new state-of-the-art customer service centre was opened in the summer with an in-house staff training facility.

New Era became a distributor for Petronas and 77 Lubricants, manufacturers of synthetic lubricants and high performance Manufacturer Approved Lubricants for automotive, commercial and industrial uses.

New Era introduced and implemented their new logo and company-wide visual identity, the ‘N-flash’ branding, created and developed by in-house designer, James Barnardo; www.jamesbarnardo.com



New Era continued to expand its vehicle fleet, with several new 26-tonne road tankers.

A key development in 2015 was the launch of a new product for the fuel industry, The FuelBox. The innovative 20-litre bag-in-box system quickly gained the attention of plant hire companies, and within a year had over 300 stockists across the UK.



New Era moved their Harlow depot and warehouse to a larger space in Epping, giving the company more room for holding stock and vehicles. New Era begins to keep tankers in Heathrow, Purfleet and Tonbridge giving maximum coverage of Greater London and the South East.

With a new operating centre based in Birmingham, New Era increased the operating range of the Company to satisfy their client’s national delivery requirements.