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Green D+ HVO

Green D+ HVO (enhanced Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), is a fossil-free, paraffinic fuel made from 100% renewable raw materials.

A more sustainable, high quality of diesel fuel, that is suitable for all diesel-powered vehicles and industrial powered generators. Produced from waste fats, vegetables and oils, the fats are transformed into biofuel by hydrogenation.

Our alternative fuel, Green D+ HVO, is a cleaner fuel than diesel or FAME (fatty acid methyl ester – biodiesel); it complies with  EN15940 & ASTM D97 5. Unlike biodiesel it does not deteriorate over time and can be used in temperature extremes.

Green D+ HVO, is a drop-in replacement for Gas Oil/Red Diesel and can be used in all diesel engines.

What is Green D+ HVO?

Green D+ HVO is an enhancement of HVO, achieved by inclusion of an additive system which chemically reduces NOx (to N2) in the exhaust gases whilst oxidizing incomplete combustion products (HC, PM and CO).

Our fuel is formulated as Green D and then enhanced with our proprietary additive package to produce Green D+ HVO.

The base HVO is sourced from two European Suppliers in including the world’s leading supplier of renewable diesel. Green D+ HVO is in use in the off-road and mobile plant industries. It has been widely adopted in the UK as a drop-in diesel replacement by: centrally fuelled fleets both on-road, off-road, marine, and in back-up power applications where it helps to meet the new MCPD requirements.

Green D+ HVO has been adopted as our solution to meet clients environmental obligations.

Key benefits of using Green D+ HVO

NOx levels are reduced by up to 30%

Particulate, PM25 & PM10, are lowered by up to 86%

Green D+ HVO generates up to 90% less greenhouse gases (CO2e) and emissions, reducing your carbon footprint significantly.


Green D+ HVO was supplied to Winter Wonderland in 2019 and powered over 30 generators across Hyde Park in London.

With over 3.5 million visitors, the use of Green D+ HVO not only reduced the levels of CO2e into the atmosphere, but the NOx levels were reduced dramatically to enhance the visitors breathing air quality. Over the festive period, they managed to reduce CO2e levels by 4,368 Mt.