Furnaceflame is a Gas Oil for use in heating applications only – anything with a burner. It cannot be used in mobile or stationary plant and machinery.  Furnaceflame meets BS2869:2010 Class D for heating applications.

Furnaceflame is a drop in replacement for Gas Oil in boilers, dryers and heaters and does not compromise burner performance in any way. Furnaceflame can be delivered directly on top of Gas Oil and no changes are required to burners or fuel pumps.


New Era supplies Furnaceflame for the commercial heating market. All of our Furnaceflame conforms to the latest British Standard – BS 2869:2010 Class D. New Era supplies Furnaceflame in bulk quantities.

Next Day Gas Oil Delivery

New Era offers a national next day bulk Furnaceflame delivery service, all year round. We also offer a same-day fuel delivery service, for emergency situations, specific difficult sites or night operations. Our custom-built 1000L 4×4 micro-tankers can access even the most challenging delivery locations, whatever the weather. We aim to keep your business running 24/7 and will work with you to accommodate your fuelling needs.



Alongside our express next day delivery service for gas oil, we offer a collection service at our three depots, based in Epping, Barking and Tonbridge.

Here you will find fuel pumps similar to those found at any petrol station, which can dispense Red Diesel and Kerosene.

This service offers a convenient way to stock up on quality fuels, while cutting the cost in comparison with buying white diesel from a petrol station.

Customer are welcome to fill own containers & jerry cans, and we also stock a large selection of containers and fuel management accessories to suit your every need. New Era welcomes all customers to their depots, including trade and general public customers.