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Originally designed for large hauliers and operators managing HGV fleets, who prefer to buy their fuel in bulk and want additional network coverage to refuel wherever they are, however New Era want to make refuelling easier for all businesses and therefore do not stipulate a minimum no of cards per customer.

The New Era FuelCard is also free to purchase providing the customer uses the card within the first 3 months of sign up, no other Fuel Card provider offers this service.

For ALL fleets that prefer to buy their own fuel, the New Era FuelCard is the number one choice. It is specifically designed for high volume diesel users, allowing you to buy your own diesel from your supplier of choice and then storing your diesel into the market leading UK Fuels bunkering network.

Benefits of using our FuelCard

– Our surcharges are the lowest in the industry
– Prices will be sent on a Friday for the following week
– The card is FOC (customer must use in the first 3 months)
– You will have your own dedicated Account Manager
0 charge per transaction

Use over 2800 forecourts nationwide

2806 forecourts across the UK to collect from, and 180 HGV sites
– Access to our e-route APP, with maps to include all collection points
– Payment terms will be 7 days. TBC on receipt of FuelCard account form
– Ability to set your own daily drawing limits on cards

Apply for a FuelCard today

Do you think our new FuelCard service could benefit your company and fleet, then apply for an account today.

One of our dedicated Account Managers will lead you through the whole application process and help you get everything set up.

To apply for an account today, click here to download the application form. Simply fill it in and return by email to and our team will process your application and be in touch to get you up and running.