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White Diesel (DERV)

New Era can supply white diesel for on-road applications, alongside our red diesel/gas oil service. This could suit businesses which use both types of fuels, for example a skip hire company who runs a fleet of HGV lorries on road, and bulldozers around their yard.

For more information about this service, please ask your account manager.


Adblue is the registered trademark for AUS32, or Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5%, a urea solution which is used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems, to reduce the emissions of oxides of nitrogen from the exhaust
of diesel vehicles.

Adblue is commonly used in Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles which use the latest generation of diesel engines. For service, truck and bus operators, it is important that they have a trustworthy and reliable bulk supply of high quality Adblue, to keep their engines running smoothly with less emissions.

New Era can supply Adblue in various container sizes. New Era’s Adblue conforms to ISO 22241 standards, unlike non-standard urea/ammonia solutions which can risk damaging your exhaust components.

Each manufacturer sets their own rate of Adblue consumption for their engine. In Euro 6 vehicles, if the Adblue begins to run out, the engine will automatically deault to lime-home mode, which keeps the engines
emissions within the legal road limits.


New Era advise that AdBlue is dispensed directly from the original container (for example, bulk tank, drum or plastic can) to avoid any contamination where possible.

Any contamination of the Adblue (from an oil can, for example) may result in damage to the Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) which can be expensive to replace.


AdBlue is not flammable nor explosive and has a minimum shelf life of 12 months under normal conditions. However, the ammonia in the urea solution is corrosive to some metals (alloys, aluminium and steel, for example), so storage containers and ancillary equipment such as valves, dispensing nozzles and pipework should also be of non-corrosive materials.

New Era recommends additional containment for the AdBlue container and ancillary equipment. Standard oil/fuel spill kits may not have all the components to deal with AdBlue spills – ask our technical team for advice.


There are no health risks when handling AdBlue, although it can irritate skin. If this happens, simply rinse with water.