Covid-19 – Contingency Plan

18th March 2020

New Era Fuels are following the advice from the Government and
Public Health England ensuring we adopt the measures they set out.

The Contingency Plan is designed to highlight specific risks and our intended mitigations against them, also how the above statement takes priority and if Public Health England advise differently the below will be amended.

Specific Risks:

There are a number of risks to the business, below is a bullet pointed summary:

  1. The UK is forced into Lockdown by the Government.
  2. Drivers become infected and have to be quarantined.
  3. The Office staff become infected and the office closes.

Specific Mitigation:

  1. At the time of writing this plan, Italy has gone into lockdown although it would not appear as severe as a “lockdown” suggests.  Businesses are open and able to trade.  If the UK  was to follow a similar approach, we are confident that our Drivers and Staff will be able to operate even if it is of a reduced service level. One potential issue is for the Terminal to go on Lockdown, this is unlikely  as the terminals are unmanned and work purely from a Driver pulling onto  the loading bay, entering their card and pin number and collecting the  fuel – therefore interaction with other people is significantly limited.
  2. We have a pool of Drivers based around the South East of England,  we have a main distribution centre and 7 further Depot/Collection Points. The Drivers are based at there primary location and do not move from location to location. We believe this to be crucial, should there be an outbreak of the Virus at  our main distribution centre, there is very little interaction between this centre and our other Depots therefore our Tonbridge Drivers for example will not be affected.  Likewise, our Drivers at Purfleet are not in close contact with either of the other Depots therefore will not cross-contaminate.
  3. If a member of staff contracts the Virus, they could potentially bring it  into the office and therefore spread the virus around the office. The action will be to close the office and send all staff home where we will continue to manage the business as per our existing Disaster Recovery plan which allows for such eventualitiesOur HR Department will monitor and be in contact with all members of staff affected and monitor their fitness to return to work.

General Practice Mitigations

We have a Duty of Care to our employees and any members of public that come into contact with our Offices, Depots and Staff, New Era Fuels have put in place the following processes:

  • Hand Sanitisers across the office and Depots in strategic positions, e.g. Entrances, Exits, kitchens.
  • Provide a thorough “Deep clean” of Head office and Depots on a weekly  cycle to ensure that any potential risks are cleaned and prevented.
  • Send home members of staff that are portraying symptoms, these could be High Temperature, Cough, cold like symptoms or shortness of breath.
  • Pro-actively manage self-isolation for members of staff, better to be safe than sorry.
  • Pro-actively monitor members of staff taking Holidays, risk assess where the member of staff is going and the risk level to the business upon their return.  A period of isolation may be required depending upon where they travel to.
  • We will actively inform all Customers and Suppliers where possible if a member of staff knowingly comes into contact with an Infected Corona-virus person.  Obviously,  we are unable to notify if we are not made aware of any contact.

For any more information of cause for concern, please call our office and speak to our HR department:

Call 01279 425 757