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Month: January 2017

Solvina Solmix – Exclusive handcleaner

Solvina Solmix is a sawdust-based hand washing paste with a deep washing effect, exclusive in the UK to New Era Fuels. It is traditionally made in the Czech Republic, by Zenit, a well-established company of over 60 years. A key feature of this product is that the abrasive it contains is sawdust, which is biodegradable and WILL NOT BLOCKS YOUR SINKS AND DRAINS. This is much more environmentally friendly than sand-based cleaners, which can cause blocked pipes and drains on your site.

All of Solvina Solmix’s ingredients are natural, and will cleanse the skin deep into the pores. The product is great for your hands, and will leave them feeling soft and smelling fantastic. The powerful scrubbing action of Solvina Solmix will mean that you use less product per application, as it has a stronger effect than regular handcleaner. Over time, this will save your business money, as you use less product to get the job done.

Fresh & Clean fragrance. Weight: 10kg

Would you like to try a FREE sample pot? If so, contact our Sales Team today!

4×4 Deliveries – access all areas

At New Era Fuels, We aim to provide a constant supply of fuel to all of our customers, regardless of their location or the size of their order. To help achieve this we have a fleet of tankers, microtankers, flatbed trucks and other support vehicles, including 26-tonne, 18-tonne and 10-tonne “baby” tankers (which can hold up to 8000 litres of gas oil, kerosene or Furnaceflame). 

In response to requests from our customers, in 2014 we invested in a custom-built 4×4 pickup truck which comes with 30ft of delivery hose and is metered off! Our 4×4’s are ideal for delivering to compact sites where access is difficult. The 4×4 performs well in all weathers and terrain, which is brilliant for wet winter months. This vehicle can be used to ferry fuel to bowsers or “stranded” vehicles on larger sites. New Era have since invested in more smaller 4×4 pickup trucks, which can access any site including those limited, narrow or concealed access issues. They can reach underground car parks, concealed or difficult entry sites and even narrow residential areas.

 Do you have a difficult to access fuel tank or bowser? If so, we can help!

Contact us today if your business could benefit from having fuel delivered by one of our 4×4 pickup trucks.

New Website Now Live!

Here at New Era Fuels, we are very pleased to announce that we have launched our new website.

Our new website features –

  • A full list of the services and delivery options that we offer
  • Information on the oils and lubricants which we stock
  • An online shop where you can buy fuel spillage and handling accessories
  • Detailed information about New Era Fuels and our history
  • The locations of our depots and operating centres
  • And much, much more!


You can fill in the form on our website and get a free quote for your fuel, oil or lubricant!