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The Government has removed the duty rebate from 1 April 2022 in order to help the UK achieve its Net Zero Carbon emissions target.

This will affect any business with off-road plant and machinery currently using red Diesel as fuel, unless exempt.

HMRC Compilance Officers will have the power to seize non-exempt vehicles and machinery that countinue to use Red Diesel. You will be liable for a significant fine and even a prison sentence.

Complying with the new regulations doesn't have to be stressful. We can help you find the best solution for your business with our alternative fuels.

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    Red Diesel
    Green D+ HVO
    AdBlue – Urea

    All of our Gas Oil conforms to the latest British Standard – BS 2869:2010. The sulphur content is 10ppm or less and can contain up to 7% by volume of…

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    A more sustainable, high quality of diesel fuel, that is suitable for all diesel-powered vehicles and industrial powered generators. Produced from waste fats and vegetable oils, the fats are transformed…

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    Our AdBlue® is dispensed directly from the original container (for example, bulk tank, drum or plastic can) to avoid any contamination where possible. Any contamination of the AdBlue® (from an…

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